Your Android phone is too damn nosy 


If given the choice, people say they would deny nearly one-third of all permissions currently required to download apps to their Android phones.

Source: Your Android phone is too damn nosy – CNET

Android apps

It’s just a matter of time. Some people are smart…and then there are people like me who went to public school. But learned or not, you can only feed people so much crap. Google has it’s feelers out testing the datapoint harvesting waters…making sure all is happy on the data brokering front.

They are finding out more often now that it’s not.

So they placate the user base with privacy tools, anti-malware tools, and tools for device security. These are all good things,  but the approach they are using is they are trying to protect the user from someone else…catch that? The Google needs to protect the Android user from the Google. Android handsets use more RAM then they need to, send more data packets than they have good reason to and chew up more of the battery than is necessary, because of covert data streams that are of no benefit to the user.

This trajectory will progress until either McMaster gets his kit together, or Google continues to push the edge of the envelope to the point of a breach and that is when we will see what is up. On that day, we will find what I suspect…that the Android users heart belongs to Android….not Google.

we have met android and he is us
we have met android and he is us
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