Why do people want to own an iPhone?

Jason Yeaman:

Intent matters and it matters a lot.. If someone came to your house and gave you a golden box and said…I would L like ti to have this so that it might bring you happiness and joy.

Turn later thT Niger they cMe to your house and Yangon out with you showing you coo maps and such….5)3! You fin out that they didn't co e I EE because the Ike you…they came over to filled all the private data that was data you have been generTing .but I
Because Apple didn't lie to you and give you a free phone and free apps and then steal the data key points  that you have generated and sell them for money without asking or even telling you.

If some in was taking something that you generated without asking abd took it and sold it for thousands…what would you do?

Android is an abused culture if free and false.

False security and privacy that is bought with great apls like maps and Gmail.

They make the apps so good  the android user doesn't even realize or care that Goigle doesn't make android to be the best mobile operating system.

They make the best engagement platform that decieves users believing android is about the best mobile operating system, when it's actually just a tool that Google uses to harvest your data so they can sell it to people who will then Sell you stuff based in you're harvested and trended behavior.

Apple sells phones and services and stuff for money.

Abdroid users are the middle man in the google customer relationship.

The user is the customer in the apple customer rekatiinship

Why do people want to own an iPhone?

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