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Why are my iMessages going as SMS?

A Quora how-to: Why are my iMessages going as SMS?

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Problem: Your iMessages are going out as SMS.

Is this really a problem? Yes…and No. If you are relying on end-to-end encryption for privacy in your communications with another user, then yes it is a problem because you don’t get that level of privacy with carrier based SMS. However, it should be said that if the priority is not privacy and you must get a message to someone, being able to fall back on SMS can be a good thing. If you do have iMessage enabled, your iMessages are going out as SMS and you aren’t sure why this is happening…it can be annoying.

So why does it happen and what can you do to prevent it?


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There are a few reasons that this could happen:

1: The person you are messaging doesn’t support iMessage.

2: iMessage service is down.

3: The intended recipient doesn’t currently have service supporting the iMessage protocol and gets queued as an SMS for when the intended recipient does come into a service area.

The above gets configured here:

setting up imessage and sms on ios


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