Why are long notes so difficult to work with on an iPhone?

Why are long notes so difficult to work with on an iPhone?

On iPhone notes (for instance inside the Note of a calendar event or Contact), switching between View and Edit mode for a long note also breaks cursor position in both ways:
1) when viewing in the middle of a note, tapping on a specific piece of text moves scroll position to a seemingly random different position.
2) tapping on the Note tab from edit mode moves scroll to a different position than where I was editing.
Both make it really hard to switch from View to Edit and back for a long note.



it seems to be a little quirk.

I can say that iOS 8.3 fixes quirkiness of the keyboard positioning

It has to do with where in the document your eyes like to read. Most people will look at the top of a document and continue to scroll. If an edit is made at the top, the keyboard doesn’t need to push the doc upwards to make room.

If you look and make edits at the bottom, thats where the fun begins

Ivan Salinas
So, do you mean that the issue that I am describing up to iOS8.1.3 seems already fixed on the iOS8.3Beta? Did you try on both?



I can confirm this on the iPhone 6 only. There was quite a bit of keyboard jitter in other applications, mostly text input on websites depending on where the cursor was placed.

When I migrated to iOS 8.2 beta 5, I saw small improvement. When I shifted to iOS 8.3 beta 1, I saw satisfactory improvement. I opened notes today on the i6 running 8.3b1 and copied and pasted a ton of text int a note to try and replicate what you said you had been experiencing, and like I said….it depends on where where you place to cursor to edit. If you are editing in the upper third, the keyboard popup doesn’t affect the document. If you are trying to edit in the lower third, the keyboard will push the document up, sometimes to the top of the page, other times it would scroll to just above the keyboard.

It needs to be the same each and every time, or it is a user experience fail.
I will submit a bug report.

I will return shortly with a video link, and you can tell me if this is what you are experiencing.


Bug reports submitted


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