Where in the hell is Apple getting its lyrics data for Music?

I’m the definition of…half man – half drugs…

Ok…ok. I know we aren’t going to win any grammar awards for this song…but Apple should still attempt to curate the lyrics data they place in music.

I really like the thought of presenting lyrics to the user in Music. It is added value. But it only adds value if the data is accurate. 

For example:


I mean…this can’t be right…can it?

If you use the RECTANGLE OF STUPID and search for, ‘beat swing vaul exhausters’ you will indeed find lyrics for Bad Boy for Life that contain,’beat swing vaul exhausters’. 

But if you are XXL and you are up first with Diddy racing Porsches, with the big twin-valve exhaust-es, You will find XXL on the cover of Vibe, not ‘ya five’, because XXL’s the sauces.


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