Net neutrality

What will be the implications of net neutrality?


When you let the government appropriate private network infrastructure that companies have:


  1. Spent trillions of dollars to create
  2. Spent decades building
  3. Employed hundreds of thousands of people to build it, maintain it and  support it

What does that mean to the American business owner? How about the Home Owner?

If 4 people…4 unelected people held a vote to take private property away, what world would you be living in?

What if they came to your business and told you that they are going to govern your business model, costs and charges that you have assigned to the business so you can pay your employees and they said to you,

“Here you go! This is the only way you are allowed to charge your customers and your B2B partnerships for your services from now on. This is how you are to run your business going forward.”

When you ask why they tell you, “Because if you wanted to you could decrease the performance and quality of your product on purpose to harm your competitors!”

With a puzzled look you tell them, “If I decreased the quality and performance of my services to my customers they would stop buying my product…”

They respond “No they wouldn’t! They can’t. Because you are a monopoly!”

Slightly irritated you retort, “You just said my reasons for degrading the quality of my services was to harm my competitors…”

Government, smugly: “With us in-charge, you won’t be able to do that!”

Then you ask them, “If I have competitors, how can I be a monopoly?”

They respond to your clueless poser: “We aren’t taking control of your competitors portion of the Internet, just yours. So you are a monopoly to us, and the other 3 million people (out of 370 million) who said they don’t want to be a victim….your victim.”

Sounds like a great day in no?

The Government always has and always will use immoral and unethical methods to penalize anything that is successful, and fine or jail any person or any group that use the same immoral and unethical methodology on anyone else. The Goverrnment will justify their actions by claiming they are preventing people from being victims, irrespective of the fact that there haven’t been any victims…not one.

The important question to ask is:

“Who is  going to prevent us from being victimized by the government?”

Maybe I’ll just


What will be the implications of net neutrality?

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