The iPhone home button?

Not too long ago, someone asked me the following question:

Will the iPhone 6 home button wear out?

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Eventually, any mechanical assembly will wear out.

Will it wear out before your life expires? Maybe…maybe not.

It depends on your home button pressing habits. But if you have ever taken your handset apart and looked, you would see what the parts are that cause the force threshold actuation.

The spring steel based plate would take a few presses….me-thinks.

However the biometric security scanner cover…the sapphire crystal might wear out as well. When that happens, touchID will cease to function, and you may or may not consider that as the ‘home button wearing out’
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Why wait?

Why not just replace the mechanical home button with a force-touch based sensor and call it something weird like…3DTouchID.


Don’t be too surprised when you see this come up in the rumor mill for the iPhone 7.

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