We finally get an explanation on Control Center|iOS 10 beta 4

beta 4 of the ios 10 beta series
beta is betta

2 of the toughest hurdles people are going to need to get over are the new iOS 10 lock screen and control center. iOS 10 features a 2 panel control center and a press to unlock lock screen.

The card-style presentations are prevalent throughout iOS 10, and the Notification Center is no different;

beta 4
system controls

First up: Controls. When you flick up and no music is playing you will be presented with the normal control center, sans music controls. But when you look at the bottom you will notice that it’s paginated.

ios 10 beta 4
This is good stuff, because it separates music controls from the system controls for a more congruent experience.

PS: I love the new keyboard sound schema.

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