VZ Dub does Apple Store I In-app-payment and iBeacon style

It’s been a while since I’ve turned this on, but when I did I was so fortunate that VZW told me that software needed to be installed.

The result was this:Galaxy S3


If you have ever been to an AppleStore holding an iPhone and the Apple Store app, it will inform you of things like: Art that is hung on the wall, information about the 27 inch cinema display. It will check-you in for Appointments at the Genius Bar and let you know where you are up for the next available Genius.

You can also buy items without talking to anyone…using the app and in-app-purchases (different from in-app-payment) by scanning the item with your phone (any iPhone with a camera) and paying for it with the card saved in  your account.

it seems VZW wants to enhance theIr customer experience.

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