Video Tutorial: Turn your Samsung Galaxy S into an iPhone 4

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Enterprise mobile Lab


A few years ago I was the Lead Mobile Systems Engineer at an outstanding Mobile services outfit, (which was acquired by Intermec and then Honeywell), called EnterpriseMobile. They currently thrive in Plano, Texas providing multiple tiers of mobile services to small and large companies alike across the globe.

With them, I have had the pleasure of servicing great customers like:

  • The United States Navy
  • Lowes
  • ESPN Dallas Texas
  • Federal Express
  • Integrative Nutrition
  • Many, many others

In the video

One of the cool things I enjoyed about working at EnterpriseMobile, besides the awesome relationships with the employees, was having access to the extra parts. What do I mean by extra parts? Well, in this video we take some of the ‘extra parts’ from an iPod touch and install them on a Samsung Galaxy S handset. The result is effectively transforming the Galaxy S into an iPhone 4…as deemed by myself and Device Technician Adan Portillo.


This procedure was conducted by trained mobile professionals in a real mobility lab full of technical things and stuff used for…mobile stuff and things.


Samsung Galaxy s


Tap on the image above to launch the demonstration.


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