Video: Spark Pilots get creative with house work.

Innovative Spark pilot gets the roof cleared of leaves.

A drone going to work

Do you know how many people receive emergency treatment in the United States every year due to ladder-related falls? Almost 90 thousand. Of those, 700 people die. Spark Pilot Benjamin Howard wasn’t going to take that chance.

He decided that instead of climbing up on his roof to clear leaves…he would just order his DJI Spark to sweat for him as he controlled the drone from the safety of the ground.

I ran into this video on the DJI Spark Owners Facebook Group the other day and was absolutely inspired to bring this video to my readership on Apple News, Medium and Linked In:

Benjamin Howard on DJI Spark owners

The DJI Spark Owners FB Group is a closed group, so it didn’t make sense to link the video, so I got permission from Benjamin to feature it here.

The Video.

Here is the video:

Also published on Medium.

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