Video App review: Afterpulse | FPS on iOS

When most people think about gaming on a mobile device, the images that pop into your head are of launching birds with a slingshot or perhaps A game akin to scrabble. A lot of people don’t know that immersive, multiplayer gaming is possible on mobile device. But as mobile technology progresses, hardware platform manufactures find better ways to allow developers to get closer to the hardware and that provides avenues to bring something special to mobile gamers. And that’s exactly what happened when Gamevil developed afterpulse on iOS using the metal API.

the metal api description
The MetalKit framework makes it easy to integrate Metal into apps by providing essential APIs for controlling drawing and loading graphic assets. It is  a collection of optimized compute and graphics shaders that can be integrated into applications making the graphics quality outstanding. Before metal, there were fabulous first person shooters released on iOS, like the Modern Combat series. There were five installments of Modern Combat, each of them brought a story mode and multiplayer team based games, that kept gamers coming back for more. But none of them come close to the detail and the beauty of the graphics quality that Afterpulse brings.

From the App Store Editor:

Gamevil’s fast-paced shooter has to be seen to be believed. Packed with lifelike soldiers and stunning combat zones, Afterpulse is jaw-droppingly realistic. As you take part in electrifying firefights, the simple control scheme stays out of view so the focus is always on the action. Thanks to a huge variety of challenges and unlockable’s ranging from new maps to powerful weapons you will always have something to do.

After spending a couple hours on the game, the description is realistically accurate. It’s got depth. It’s got gorgeous graphics. It’s got good mechanics. It’s got gorgeous graphics. It’s got achievements. It’s got gorgeous graphics. Did I mention the gorgeous graphics?


graphics quality
Notice the light rays in the suspended tank, the HD shadows and the ground bump map
Afterpulse also has a pretty in-depth achievement list, some of them are easy:

others…not so easy…

Said no one….ever
In the following video, I point out some of the techniques that Gamevil used in Afterpulse to make the game more immersive, absolutely stunning and a joy to play. It is a freemium model so it doesn’t cost to play, but if you find the game enjoyable consider dropping a few bucks into an IAP and support the developer.

Some tips:

  • Don’t wait for the magazine to deplete, reload manually.
  • Watch your corners.
  • Make use of your SideArm in tight situations.
  • If you see a guy named MobileGuru…
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