Video: Analyst discovers method to secure Android from StageFright hacks

StageFright whooped?



Beating StageFright

An analyst has provided video footage of a deployed Android build (2.1) in a rather…unorthodox venue. It is highly unlikely that Google would be able to utilize this method, because of the embarrassment it would cause. Here is why:

Android on iphoneHis solution calls for help from Google’s arch enemy….Apple. Here you can see an Apple logo above an Android logo on an OpeniBoot pre-boot selector menu. Obviously, it’s dual-booting Android 2.2 and something else…assumed to be fruity and hails from Cupertino California. Here are some shots I extracted from the video for analysis on the solution.


It just gets plain silly here:

Seeing the device obviously has some Apple Code in there somewhere that makes Android a better and more secure operating environment brings another dynamic into the mix. No one at Google is going to allow this kind of anti-android propaganda to be used as a remedy for shabby Google code. Especially when you find out this little nugget of information:


After further review of the footage, the reason why the handset is dual booting an iOS/X tandem is because the hardware platform is an iPhone 3G, the iPhone is triple booting the console, iOS and iDroid.

Perhaps it’s a mockumentary. How do you fix StageFright? Buy an iPhone and put Android on it. What does that do for us?

The Good

You get to run Android on a decent platform with no vulnerabilities, and the 3G iPhone is actually made of that stuff that they create from petrolatum bi-products…what do they call it…oh…its plastic. Why is that good? Because it will blend in with all the other cheap handsets that make the enclosure out of dead dinosaurs, a man-purse and Capri pants.

The Bad

You’ve just created the first iPhone that will never know if it will ever get an OS update from Google. That makes me sad.

The Documentation

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