USB Killer | Destroys anything with a USB port

USB ‘Killer’

Your caps…they’re….huge!


I came across this by accident

The device is marketed as a ‘testing device’ for simulating power surges on USB ports. The device itself is a simple ‘pcb’ with the a USB port soldered on it and some fairly big ass SMD caps.

The developer claims that it charges (5VDC on standard USB ports) when placed in the port, then discharges ‘infinite times’. The effective result is any component on the Mainboard that cannot withstand “-200 V High Voltage” is rendered failed.

Space Invaders?


There is no volt meter placed across the ‘shield’ (the component that re-directs the High Voltage Danger to a red wire and a black wire so you can grab them with your fingers and make them arc a few times before you place the device in the computer (really anything that has a USB port…TV’s, set-top boxes, Android tablets, Cars) of your nemesis.


Anything without circuit isolation will allow the remainder of the electronics to fail

Across the website are warnings that it’s not a toy, but of course that is exactly who it is intended for. In an adult is going to destroy a computer, he or she would use grownup tools like gasoline and a crowbar.

While the example device looks clean…careful inspection reveals that SMD Components are soldered by hand…and not using an air gun. There is so much solder used in some cases it covers the pads of other components:

Poor solderjng
Reflow anyone?

A couple of those traces look like blue wire to me. Perhaps this really is the prototype though. If you are going to test a circuit for surge, the. You should probably use a device that simulates an electrical surge, and not a poorly assembled circuit that continually delivers ‘-200V repeatedly’.

And certainly not something that is demonstrated by using both hands to manually arc 2 conductors together.

How could you twist your moustache while doing that?

Bonus info: The social media links still point to the e-commerce service he is using to take payment.


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