Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 9 released


Team Pangu has released an untethered Jailbreak for iOS 9 – 9.0.2

The following devices are supported:


Preparations for jailbreak.

Please backup your device before using Pangu. Although we have successfully tested Pangu with a number of devices, we strongly suggest you 

  • backup your data via iTunes before jailbreak.

In order to increase the success rate, please 

  • Switch your device to airplane mode, and 
  • Disable passcode and 
  • Disable “find my iPhone” functions in system setting

Unable to jailbreak devices that are upgraded via OTA
The firmware upgraded via OTA affects Pangu 9 a lot and usually causes Pangu 9 to fail. If you have failed many times, please try to download the latest firmware and restore your iOS devices.

In addition, Pangu itself now provides a functionality to easily restore iOS devices and automatically complete the activation and jailbreak, through a simple one-click..

The warning of “Disk is almost full”.

This is because during the jailbreaking process, Pangu will write some important files into the system partition and lead to this warning. However, it will not affect your device. If Cydia is installed, it will re-adjust the system files on its first launch and then the warning would disappear.

 Suggestions after several failed attempts

1. Please switch to the airplane mode, try again.

2. Please reboot both your iOS devices as well as your computer, and try again.

3. Please use the restore functionality in Pangu to restore your device, and try again.

Vetting this method…

Link to website:

ios 9 jailbreak
tap >>Pangu website
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