TMO goes ‘equality’ on telecom carrier marketing ‘dirty little secret…’

Introducing Smartphone Equality and Bringing Greater Fairness to the Wireless Industry | T-Mobile Newsroom.

I’ll tell you the truth. First thing I thought was, ‘Here is another Knucklehead to talk about how some other sector of tech needs Government management…” ala John Chen.

TMO is taking on a very ‘conversational-personal’ marketing strategy that seems to be working. Here is a blog post ‘from’ the CEO John Legere. First he throws you off by calling advertising and marketing in the wireless industry ‘a dirty little secret… ‘. Ironic considering the soapbox he is on.

Then he goes on to say that the telecoms lure folks in with the zero down, free phone pitchman, but then the  financing department kicks them right back out the door because of their credit report. You will have to read the rest yourself, but if you are a TMO Customer and have a 1 year streak of on time payments, you can have any phone TMO has @ 0 down, no credit check.

I’ll just remind everyone…they are still a carrier. Necessary and they know it.

We all ‘hate’ our last carrier, but hate our current carrier just a bit less. TMO was my very first wireless provider. They were terrible. 13 years later, TMO is my current ‘least hated carrier’…all over again.  This time around they do not suck as bad as my last provider: ATT, who I fired mid-contract in June of last year.

They sucked so bad I still love to tell people all about it.

Anyway: 12 month streak of on-time bill payments, any phone, 0 down, no credit check. TMO

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