Things to consider if you just happen to be a new i5s owner.

Display assembly disassembledYou have spent the past 18 months of your life in another country, but it seems like an entirely different world. Where most people don’t have any cognizance of the advantages that tech, specifically mobile tech, bring to life. A place where kids don’t even where shoes, and still get beat with slotted bamboo (it’s abut the noise, it doesnt hurt.)

Now you have a great piece of technology, but havent read muh about how far iOS has come in the past 18 months, so you use your 5s like you used your old PanTech that ran on on 2x version version of Android.

Here are some things to consider, specifically curtailed to the 5s, its build materials ,sensors and capability under ios 8.4 (which will release tomorrow) and a little on iOS 9.



Design issues

The i5s is prone to damage to the home button ribbon which contains the bus for the touch sensor data. If you buy non-MFi certified lightning charge cables that allow the slot to travel too far into charge port…it will stop working:

i5 sensor
i5 sensor

The touch sensor ribbon and clip assembly is (in my opinion) the most difficult repair/replacement portion of the handset to get right the first time.


What is the root cause of people trying to force the lightning cable tab into the port with force? The poor design of the lightning cable elbow, where the housing ,wets the cable wrap.

The Lightning Cable


Elbow weakness
















Because the plastic housing is so short, the cable gets used to detach the tab from the port. This will eventually cause opens in the wires. If an open in the red or black wire occurs, you will begin to figure out where the cable needs to be positioned for a charge. Since they cost about $20, you begin to get frustrated as you break more and more of them, and take that frustration out on the cable…by forcing it I tot he port….which does nothing except damage the touch sensor ribbon.


Do this to your Lightning cable right now:



Yes, it looks terrible, but it displaces the joint from the cable run to the housing and gives you something to grab while Inserting and removing the tab from the port.

You will find more eloquent ways later. Just do this now and thank me later.


Tomorrow, I will touch on FMI, 2-step authentication, mobile Safari passwords, and Keychain, but these 3 items are good to know up front.

One last thing:

Dont add layers of MAterial between yourself and the device.. It’s beautiful the way it is, and covering it up with opaque plastics defeats the propose of the tactile pleasure of superior build materials. If you want to mitigate scratching and dents from drops, Purchase quality 2 price bumper machined from aluminium. Something like this:








It will put a lip over the front and rear panels so you can set it down and slide it without ever allowing the handset to make contact with surfaces, and allow you to have the level of intimate contact with the Device as it was designed.

SInce its capacitive touch sensed and not resistive, the more layers you place between you and the digitizer, the electron flow between your body and the sensor become diminished, and the device does not respond as well. You should train your hands to use the device with the the level of sensitivity it was designed with., without fear of high cost of repair…especially if you know someone who doesn’t charge anyone for time on level 3 repair of mobile devices