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The Right One | Google kicked in the gooyans again


As I predicted, Apple has come out of its initial wearable quarter completion at just a little love over 4 million units sold.

Not shipped. Sold.

Metrics on the data from first day sales (which by far created the most impact).

Apple outsold every Android wear based OEM (Google, LG, Motorola) combined, over the history of its existence…in one day.

One Day.

On to Galaxy Gear. Samsung did a fine job shipping (not selling) half a million units its first quarter after revelation. So Apple easily bests Samsung by a factor of 8X and if you combine all of the Android based wearables ever sold, and multiply them by 3 fold, they still don’t stack up to Apples ‘Flop.’

The news stories rolling out the week before Apples Q3 revenue announcements consisted of ‘Apple only selling 20K AppleWatches a day’

20 thousand. Per day.

Let’s look at some of the stories over the past 4 quarters that predicted failure for Apples new product releases.

Apple Pay, The kick to Googles Gooyans

This one smacked of desparation. Especially becasue the FUD was coming from a consultant who was paid by Google to help with Android wallet.

ApplePay was a complete surprise kick to Googles gooyans. They were expecting the i6 buzz. But when Apple announced a real working product for Secure Element based mobile devie based authentication for payments…something Google can not seem to wrap their heads around enough to field something viable, it gets hard to breathe. Especially when your….nuts are in your throat.

So what do you do when you are 12-18 months behind the competition. And you realized this after the sensation of your nuggets being John Kerry Kickedkicked in the google as Apple put together in an hour…includgin financial sector, merchant and actually building your own payment system that no one else can use.

Google had been trying to partner with anyone that would talk to them. Except for Brinns one legged female friend from Vegas, Google was alone. Left on the Ho-Chi-Mihn trail without anything to show for it except a failed decision to try to get an secure element solution into the SD memory expansion bus.

No onw wanted anthing to do with Google and the SD slot. It was as if Google had contracted a perpetual and re-occouring case of ghonnerea there. It seemed every other week another malware attack, another vector or another android security failure seemed to gravitate to the slowest, biggest bottleneck on the Android System. It boggled the mind why Android users hobbled the performance of their already slow technology.

Enter Abraham something or other. He is a legit analyst….just not a very ethical person.




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