The new Blackberry DTEK50 doesn’t rise to the level of ‘knockoff’

Blackberry doubled down on their new strategy of being a mobile technology engineering company that does not engineer mobile technology.  Not only does the new ‘Blackberry’ DTEK50 deploy an operating system that isn’t a blackberry product (Android…although John Chen likes to fancy that it is a BB’ized Android spin), but now Waterloo is re-branding a phone that wasn’t even designed or built by Waterloo….

….With a plastic sticker for the rear panel.

For the sake of fair and honest reporting…

They did alter the microcode so the SD expansion bus would accommodate a 2TB card.

That is a feat in itself…I think.

But other than the plastic sticker and a value re-code:

It’s 6’s here.

John Chen has successfully transformed the once mighty Blackberry engineering powerhouse from Canukistan…into a marketing company to peddle someone else’s engineering design… just like Gateway Inc used to do.

 But let’s give him credit for the expansion bus hack.

And the sticker.

I re-appropriated  all of these graphics from CNET, but I did crop them and out the little red circles on them.

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