Four iPhones

The iPhone SE | SE stands for SEEEE I DONE TOLD YOU!

One handed operation is King…A smaller yet more powerful King. With a lightsaber…

Four iPhones


A one-handed Lightsaber…

I was pretty pleased to find out, like most of you did… the SE isn’t going to be a neutered iPhone just because of its size. Big things come in small packages, and the SE is perfect for those of us who miss OHO of our cell phones.  With the Apple A9 + M8 coprocessor driving a 4 inch display and deploying a 4K Video Camera, the SE looks like the perfect handset for those of us who want to migrate back to a smaller…more manageable one-handed operable form factor.

One that isn’t driven by the superficial novelty of big-fat-screen-centric-smartphone users who think iPhones are for placing in cases with ‘kick stands’ to watch YouTube videos

Here it is.There is so much more to a mobile computing experience than just the visual component of it. Kinesthesia plays a bigger part. Eyes are easily fooled, but once an object is touched, held, turned and makes that physical connection that resides deep in a persons attachment to geekdom…that’s where the dance begins. Apple understands this concept. That is why other handsets in the market no longer use plastics on the outside where you might have to touch it.

You can thank Apple that your Android handset is made of quality build materials like finished metals, sapphire and glass.


And you can thank Apple for building another phone that doesn’t need a stupid kickstand to sit on it’s edge. Vertical balance has been restored. And your iPhone can once again stand edge-proud…without help.

Try that on your kick -stand-loving-iPhone 6-6S.


*SE*E…I done TOLD YOU!

Not everyone makes decisions based solely on what they can see, or what your eyes try to tell you. Immersion/immersive  isn’t  just a marketing phrase, it is a state of mind when you become enveloped in the relationship with the device you are using. 4 -5 -6 inch phones don’t grant you a more immersive experience because of the size of the display like Televisions do. The immersive experience begins when you place technology in the closest proximity to the soul.

Thats where portables fail. You will see people watch a movie with their lap-top sitting on their chest. Why do they do this? To bring the technology closer. So portables don’t need a kickstand to watch YouTube videos with…but the intimacy that mobile devices offer because of their form-factor also means you won’t fall asleep with 4 pounds of technology on your chest while you dream about pretending to be a steam-roller. logo

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