The Greatest threat to National Security isn’t Syrians, ISIS or Global Warming: Its iPhone iMessages

That’s right. iMessages. 

But before we get into that, let’s get spun up on the other perceived threats to security, shall we?

Syrian Refugees

State Secretary Kerry pledged US commitment to taking 100K Syrian refugees through 2017. This isn’t a big deal though. In 2013, we accepted about 70K refugees comprised of Cubans, Ethiopia, Iraq and what not. I’m not against helping people out when they need it. I’ve needed help before, and usually there was someone there to lend a hand. My biggest issue is with the logistics and the culture contrasts and the priority the US Government places on taking care of 100K foreign nationals, while we have Veterans dying standing in line at the VA, and Veterans freezing their asses off homeless in the Winter. 

In Canada, and in Europe…Syrian refugees are being treated like garbage…’criminals’ is how many news outlets are describing it. And while we (Americans) are having the discussion about security and calling one another ‘Racist’, despite ‘Syrian’ not being a race, Our own news Media is castigating campaigning politicians and State Governors for making decisions they are well within their right to exercise.

Where do we logistically place them? In Turkey they live in tent cities. Is that what we are going to do? Keep in mind that Syria is by all accounts homogeneous @90% Syrian Arabs and 92% of Syrians are Muslim…3/4 of those are Sunni Muslim, and if you have never been to the ME,  Arab States that govern with secular law means Sharia law applies to non-Muslims sometimes. But as a Muslim you will still get your ass flogged for drinking beer, and they kill you for Apostasy.

Here is where I have the problem: If we put them in their own little concentrated community, and lift them up to be productive…and they replicate the Sharia codified social governance they have in Syria (because that is their culture) will that play out here? How will the Liberal Atheist treat a Muslim who has spent their life practicing a ~Sharia law based lifestyle? Are the Atheists going to treat Refugee Muslims like they do their American Christian neighbors? Will liberals find public prayer offensive? Will they find Syrians disdain toward gays offensive? How about their views on women:

The legal system in Syria is based on French, Ottoman and Islamic law (Shari’a).1 Shari’a is applied in matters related to personal status(including inheritance, marriage, divorce, and child custody).The court system includes both secular and religious courts. In the civil and criminal courts (which are secular) a woman’s testimony has the same evidentiary worth as a man’s, in the Shari’a courts, however, a woman’s testimony is worth only half of a man’s. For religious minorities (e.g. Christians, Druze and Jews) the communities’ own laws are applied in manypersonal status matters.

My biggest worry, is some Liberal Atheist is going to start to try and erode their religious rights, the LGBT agenda is going to protest them because they see homosexuality as sin punishable by stoning, and women are not equals among men…So will Hillary Clinton besmirch them as ‘Sexist’?. 



Global Warming

Bernie Please…

iPhone E2E Encryption


If you create a product that allows these monsters to behave in this way, that’s a big problem,”
Senator Diane Feinstein

Ok. So because the Government can’t read my iMessages, I have the propensity to “Behave like a monster”?

The Unites States has the ability to unleash the Dogs (Devil Type, Count 200K), which when deployed correctly and without political restraint could dispatch the entire planets population with Kbars as we sleep…and Senate Intelligence committee members are worried that the iPhone is enabling terrorist behavior?

William Bratton, says that iPhones were used to coordinate the Paris attacks. No iPhones were found…but Syrian Refugee passports were.


Basically, the technology has been purposely designed by our manufacturers so that even they claim they can’t get into their own devices after they’ve built them 

Every day we lose the ability to gather intelligence You have to be on the offence. Offence is intelligence. We are losing a lot of that intelligence momentum because of that issue.

I respectfully disagree. While I do believe intelligence gathering is important, if you want to go on the offense, you send Navy SPECWAR operators to kill terrorists while they sleep. 

That’s offense.

People need to understand this: There is a reason why the Government hates guns. Let me rephrase…There is a reason the government hates your guns and as a law abiding citizen they hate your right to own a fire arm. If the United States Government wanted to protect you from terrorism in the homeland…they would require you to carry a fire arm. So you could dispatch a douchebag terrorist if the situation arises. 

But the framers wanted this country to have an armed citizenry because they foresaw  abuses by the Government, not Muslim extremism. That’s right. Our government. And they were right, because Snowden (the jackass that he is) informed us that the Government was abusing our right to privacy, breaking the law and had no respect for the constitution. 

Do you want to know what pisses off a Veteran more than anything else? Well, besides last-call? Having the cognizance that the Government who made us swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, was the same Government that we need to be protecting the Constitution from.

Not a foreign government. Our own government.

E2E (end to end) Encryption is like a gun. It protects your privacy from the abuses by the government. Apples iMessage and FaceTime protocol is a binary, 2-way method of communication in which only the participants have a token that is able to decrypt the data. In other protocols, the originator of the tool keeps one for himself…and that’s what allows agencies like the NSA to break the encryption schematic. But since Apple refuses to be a part of the abusive, privacy breaching government, they simply removed themselves from the equation.

To that I say: BZ Apple. You hold fast with what you got. You are doing the right thing.

No one party has monopoly on the Stupid

I think we need to restore the metadata programme, which was part of the Patriot Act. It expires in the next few months. I think that was a useful tool to keep us safe and also to protect civil liberties.
-Jeb Bush


Sorry Governor, that’s a fail. I wasn’t going to vote for you anyway.


Look, any type of act like what happened in Paris or happened in other countries over the last few weeks creates a dramatic change in economic outlook for the country as well. There is a lot riding on this. So I think we can have the proper balance of protecting privacy rights and making sure that we use all of the tools of intelligence to keep us safe.”-Jeb Bush

You lost my attention at, “metadata”, Governor.


I certainly would not consider it [Paris] a one-off event. It is clear to me that Isil has an external agenda, that they are determined to carry out these types of attacks. 

-CIA Director John Brennan


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