The Google circle of trust

Circle of trust
The circle of the Goog


What is trusted?

The Goog likes to use the word, “trusted”. Even more than Ted Cruz. They have trusted partners, (those they share your private data with for money) and they have trusted photographers.

What is a trusted photographer?

I am a ‘trusted’ ‘photographer’
You see, back before there were cameras people had to paint…you know…like with paint. Then came technology, where people could paint a scene just by pushing a button. These people were called photographers. Some were good. Some were not so good. Being good meant you had to have a good ‘eye’

But that was before 360 cameras. Now, we can cap an entire scene of the whole visible world.

And we do:

IMG_5003 IMG_5200 IMG_5245 IMG_5252 IMG_5259

How many of trusted photo-googlers are there?

Not many:

Trusted Photographers
Trusted Photographers

But the numbers are growing. I am current one of about 314…world wide.



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