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Trump at the podium
Alternative facts are pesky things. No less than 7 news outlets showed everyone the truth. Trump needs to accept the results and move on ...

The Alternate Facts for Team Trump don’t look good | Politics

IPhone fire
Which iPhone is the most fire proof? Which iPhone is the most fire proof? Fire, fire…fire: Class iFire on a tray…DO NOT try this at home. Lighting every iPhone model on fire This guy decides to place one of each model iPhone in a tray and then using lighter fluid as a catalyst…sets the tray ablaze. Not before starting stop ...

Which iPhone would last the longest while on fire?

Try to not-Google | I dare you
Tap on Jules to NOTgoogle…I dare you… Google has privacy issues. That’s all I have to say about it. If you care about your privacy, and you are interested in search returns that aren’t the popular wrong answer: NOTgoogle It is that simple. 41.0679653-112.0495815Propagate your genius and share!Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr ...

Try to not-Google | I dare you

Mobile guru
I read an interesting piece this morning titled, “OS X and iOS should not merge.” I took this as an extrapolation and extreme view on Operating System Convergence. OS Convergence is a philosophy that basically says the experience of using applications should be familiar or common across hardware platforms. In the Apple world it means that if the user is ...

Operating system convergence vs OS ‘merging’