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The sun
Just some average, everyday awesome ...

Sunset | Drone video and photos: 30AUG18

LDS Temples | Drone Video
Drone video of LDS Temples ...
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LDS Temples | Drone Video

Sunset | Drone Video
Sunset using a DJI spark ...
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Sunset | Drone Video

A drone
4 Sparks in one year...I’m hooked ...
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1 year with the DJI Spark | Part 1 of 3

Birds. lots of birds | Drone Video
If you are afraid of birds, you have no business flying ...
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Birds. lots of birds | Drone Video

Salt Lake City Capital | Drone Photography
This was from last summer. Night-ops are usually frowned upon by the FAA because most operators don’t think to survey the AO for things like power lines and other obstacles that might cause a collision. This situation is different. You can check out some of my other Night-Op flights here: Historic Ogden WP Photo Sphere (Union station),-111.9793413,0a,75y,271.5h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipMZ2LJJY_gamU_Bgm7tHRC9cahiZSNHYOHbW2xM!2e10 Like this:Like ...

Salt Lake City Capital | Drone Photography

Ogden Canyon
Half a battery, and a waterfall to conquer ...

Ogden Canyon Waterfall | Drone Video