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Screen protector lovers: Don't get screwed over by Zagg | Video
How much would you pay for a sapphire screen protector? How much would you pay for one...that burns? ...

Screen protector lovers: Don’t get screwed over by Zagg | Video

iPhone 6 drop test
Disappointing.   I'm not sure how this is any better than the sapphire displays Apple was going to use. I sure would like to see some of that drop test data. Granted this is just one test, but he did a great job.   Did Apple? Like this:Like Loading ...
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iPhone 6 drop test

'Another' 'i6' part 'leaked'
If this is to scale, then the logo is too large…if Apple didn’t design it bigger. What it could mean, is they may have designed a port for a piece of sapphire underneath the logo, with an LED to light it up…like a MacBook. Mods like this were pretty popular when the i4 first rolled out. The rear panel was ...

‘Another’ ‘i6’ part ‘leaked’

Stab me with a knife
Man....was I off on this one ...

Outlier article on sapphire displays