Schumer fails, hilarity ensues A week after Senator minority leader Chuck Schumer (D) NY lambasted President Elect Donald Trump for using Twitter to discuss his political agenda, Schumer himself finds out the hard way that karma can be pain in ass: Pun intended. Snap Chat Announcement Senator Schumer’s assumed intent […]

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Intel brief on Russian hacking
Those darned Russians The DNI report on the impact of Putin and his band of merry hackers was released today and it is a very interesting read. The declassified 25 page document touches on many aspects : misinformation, fake-news, internet trolls, foreign relations and the many failures of the current administration […]

DNI report on impact of Russian efforts to impact US ...

Republicans scrap vote to dismantle independent ethics committee after Trump tweet. I was watching Rachel Maddow last night and she stated that those of us who don’t pay attention to news, (because it sucks), better start paying attention to it now, because, ‘this’, is how things are going to be […]

PE Trump twitters on ethics priority, Repubs comply | Social ...

Russian Embassy punks Obama Shortly after the President of the United States of America gave 35 Russian ‘operatives’ 72 hours to piss-off, the verified Twitter account of the U.K. Russian Embassy retaliated… With humor: Is humor really the best medicine? You decide. I’m too busy concentrating on not swallowing my tongue. ? […]

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President Obama will close 2 Russian facilities in NY and MD and eject 35 Russian Diplomats Penalty for ‘hacking’ US election will also include sanctions Personally, I would rather see a counter-strike that is overwhelmingly disproportionate. But who is to say that won’t happen? While I am disappointed that this […]

U.S. expells 35 Russian diplomats | Crime