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  Advertising. “InMobi tracked the locations of hundreds of millions of consumers, including children, without their consent, in many cases totally ignoring consumers’ express privacy preferences,” Jessica Rich, director of the consumer protection bureau at the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said in a statement from the agency on June […]

The US has fined a mobile advertising firm for tracking ...

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FTC To Study Mobile Device Industry’s Security Update Practices | Federal Trade Commission – In order to gain a better understanding of security in the mobile ecosystem, the Federal Trade Commission has issued orders to eight mobile device manufacturers requiring them to provide the agency with information about how […]

FTC investigates mobile security update behavior

Help drowning refugees with your iPhone App claimed it would crowd source refugee spotting “The app pretended to distribute satellite imagery to smartphone users so they can “flag” suspicious ships, in the hope that one of the users might spot boats full of refugees—as if an untrained eye can distinguish […]

iPhone is the smartphone of choice for refugee spotting