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iTech racked and stacked
I came across an excellent visual display on the Tweeter this morning. @iJustine produced some outstanding content that I felt I had to document. She snapped a few shots of Apple technology…from the Watch to a MacBook stacked nicely (I bet she was OCD about it…which is why I like it so much) to give a visual perspective on the ...

iTech racked and stacked

Will the real 'MacBook Killa' please stand up?
It’s official: The iPad Pro is more powerful than the MacBook and MacBook Pro, the iPad air two, the Microsoft Surface Pro four… …and former Vice President Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney was SecDef when I was in BootCamp. Now, everybody has an opinion about the Cheney the Vice President. For most people… It is an unfavorable opinion. But if you ...

Will the real ‘MacBook Killa’ please stand up?

How big is the iPad Pro? | Size Matters
Here is an interesting bit of trivia on our new friend the iPad Pro. If we take the original iPhone screen and place it in between the application layout of the iPad pro, here is the result: For clarification sake…that is the size of the original iPhone display placed in between 4 of the iPad Pros icons. Amazing. Like this:Like ...

How big is the iPad Pro? | Size Matters

iPad pro un-boxing
My friends over at 9-to-5 mac have decided to unveil their new iPad Pro with the ever- pretentious and over-ceremonious UN – boxing. Now, there’s really nothing wrong with an un-boxing, especially in the context of Apple consumer devices…because the presentation is absolutely part of the user experience. Getting a new Apple device is a thing of beauty. More than ...

iPad pro un-boxing

iThings and a calendar
Apple Special Events. It doesn't matter if you love Apple, hate Apple or love to hate Apple...these events shape the the outlook for products and services in the mobile space. Something for everyone ...

Logistics for the Apple September Special Event

The WSJ reports that the 12.9-inch iPad ‘Pro’ will in fact ship this year. In the Apple Q1 timeframe. Just in time for Christmas. Details were sparse, but it mentions quick charging, USB3.0, optional keyboard and…..stylus? Here are some beautiful concept renders (by the lovely and talented Martin Hajek) to help you envision this. 37.0954709-113.6122509Like this:Like Loading ...

iPad ‘Pro’ slotted for a fall announcement and Holiday release