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The Android 7 update migration has been plagued with issues from the beginning for some, but ironically not for the less popular, underpowered mobile devices ...

Android 7 roll out is awarded a petition before it could even clear the gate

No updates for HTC
The Android gamble strikes again. This is a tough one to hear about, but it’t the nature of the beast. HTC had a poor quarter, update efforts will be focused on handsets that profit. HTC has confirmed in a series of tweets that neither the HTC One Mini or One Mini 2 will be seeing updates to Android 5.0 Lollipop ...

HTC One Mini and One Mini 2 won’t get update to Android Lollipop

Square trade bend Test: M8 - S6 Edge - iPhone 6+
How do the S6 Edge and the One M9 fare in the phone bender? ...

Square trade bend Test: M8 – S6 Edge – iPhone 6+