Schumer fails, hilarity ensues A week after Senator minority leader Chuck Schumer (D) NY lambasted President Elect Donald Trump for using Twitter to discuss his political agenda, Schumer himself finds out the hard way that karma can be pain in ass: Pun intended. Snap Chat Announcement Senator Schumer’s assumed intent […]

The District | Senator Schumer Tweets he doesn’t want America ...

Here intel, intel, intel… Six months after the FBI first said it was investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, the bureau has still not requested access to the hacked servers, a DNC spokesman said. No US government entity has run an independent forensic analysis on the […]

No independent forensic analysis has been performed on hacked DNC ...

Russian Embassy punks Obama Shortly after the President of the United States of America gave 35 Russian ‘operatives’ 72 hours to piss-off, the verified Twitter account of the U.K. Russian Embassy retaliated… With humor: Is humor really the best medicine? You decide. I’m too busy concentrating on not swallowing my tongue. ? […]

Russia retaliates after Obama presses the eject button loaded with ...

Pills of the droid
Android used to track Ukrainian Artillery positions | Security According to Reuters, Android malware was used to track and target Ukrainian artillery. This occurred between 2014-2016. CrowdStrike, a cyber security firm, reports that infected Android devices were able to transmit comms and location data of Ukrainian artillery units, and that […]

Android used to track Ukrainian Artillery positions | Security

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US Election hacking should be a non-partisan issue for EVERY American   That is a fact. It doesn’t…it shouldn’t…matter what your political ideology is. It shouldn’t matter who you wanted to win – or who you wanted to lose – in the presidential election. No American should stand for any […]

US Election hacking should be a non-partisan issue for EVERY ...

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FTC To Study Mobile Device Industry’s Security Update Practices | Federal Trade Commission – In order to gain a better understanding of security in the mobile ecosystem, the Federal Trade Commission has issued orders to eight mobile device manufacturers requiring them to provide the agency with information about how […]

FTC investigates mobile security update behavior

A draft bill from Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) isn’t going to to be introduced, and even if it was, there isn’t any support for it. Feinstein-Burr Mahalo Make no mistake…this is not over. I’m sure congress critters had other things to do…like golf, vote on their […]

Despite bipartisan stupid, anti-encryption fails in Congress

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The gag on the method isn’t even the most interesting question, although it is baffling why a judge would give the code and the method of the exploit to the criminal, but not allow the developers who coded the browser to fix the vulnerability. I want to know why the FBI burned an exploit…a valuable exploit…

FBI pwns TOR|How they screwed up