Intel brief on Russian hacking
Those darned Russians The DNI report on the impact of Putin and his band of merry hackers was released today and it is a very interesting read. The declassified 25 page document touches on many aspects : misinformation, fake-news, internet trolls, foreign relations and the many failures of the current administration […]

DNI report on impact of Russian efforts to impact US ...

What the what
Android had 257 more issued CVE patches than Adobe Flash Despite The Goog’s generous bug smacking bounties, Android still ranked #1 as the most buggy product in 2016 in the context of patches issued to Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits: Adobe is the buggiest OEM in the Universe Let your heart […]

Android wins 2016 most vulnerable product award | Comparison

President Obama will close 2 Russian facilities in NY and MD and eject 35 Russian Diplomats Penalty for ‘hacking’ US election will also include sanctions Personally, I would rather see a counter-strike that is overwhelmingly disproportionate. But who is to say that won’t happen? While I am disappointed that this […]

U.S. expells 35 Russian diplomats | Crime

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Don’t sleep… 6 year old Ashlynd Howell from Little Rock Arkansas (not pictured above) decided she needed some Pokémon toys, so she wanted to do some shopping. Her mom, Bethany, quietly slept on the couch. Since her device was, ‘protected’, with biometric security, Ashlynd simply lifted her mothers fingerprints while […]

Kid hacker pwns Mom for $250 in Pokémon toys | ...

Pills of the droid
Android used to track Ukrainian Artillery positions | Security According to Reuters, Android malware was used to track and target Ukrainian artillery. This occurred between 2014-2016. CrowdStrike, a cyber security firm, reports that infected Android devices were able to transmit comms and location data of Ukrainian artillery units, and that […]

Android used to track Ukrainian Artillery positions | Security

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  Microsoft back-door screwed the pooch Microsoft back-door screwed the pooch And this pooch cannot be unscrewed Ben over at 9to5 Mac wrote a great piece about OEM’s who build back-doors – in the context of the incident in San Bernadino. I’ve good some advice for any OEM who believes […]

Microsoft just back-door screwed the pooch

Amazon’s Subsidized Handsets get pwned. Amazon’s Subsidized Handsets get pwned. A green android robot that…seems to be secreting a chrome-ish substance. Android users don’t want to pay for anything man. While I obviously commend the achievement…isn’t this why the Android ecosystem has so many issues staying funded without advertisements? The […]

Hackers enable advertisement funded subsudation sans advertisements

An attacker would be able to run their code with the same permissions that mediaserver already has as part of its normal routines. Since the mediaserver component deals with a lot of media-related tasks including taking pictures, reading MP4 files, and recording videos, the privacy of the victim may be at risk.

Another agonizing Android vulnerability announced | Audio Effect