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Video: Drop Test iPhone X vs. iPhone 8
Drop testing the iPhone X and iPhone 8 side by side ...

Video: Drop Test iPhone X vs. iPhone 8

Dropping iPhones in the dity
It's not the fall, it's the abrupt stop at the end ...

iPhone 6s vs Gravity | Drop Test

Samsung vs. Apple
S6 v i6 drop test. Let the bodies hit the floor ...

Another S6 v i6 drop test using a more scientific approach

2nd Source i6 drop test
This one is from my friends over at Android authority. This holds different results than the test I last posted. While this his one doesn't use a sled to 'ensure' drop angle, the face drop lands square.Interesting results.37.095638-113.612414Like this:Like Loading ...
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2nd Source i6 drop test

iPhone 6 drop test
Disappointing.   I'm not sure how this is any better than the sapphire displays Apple was going to use. I sure would like to see some of that drop test data. Granted this is just one test, but he did a great job.   Did Apple? Like this:Like Loading ...
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iPhone 6 drop test