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Apple Music with headphones
T-Mobile CEO John Legere goes full broadside batteries release in an anti-Verizon and anti-AT&T tirade that lasts just under 6 minutes. In his soliloquy, he makes some major announcements about AppleMusic and the new iPhone 6S ...

TMO adds Apple Music to no-charge data streaming

They aren't goodz
Yes it's true. You really don't have 4G voice/Data service. What you have is the result of marketing thinking they are smarter than RF EE's, and a group of SME's who are responsible to write a spec but are too amused to inform tech Marketing how uninformed they are ...

What would be the pros and cons of a government releasing free 4g Internet to everyone?

They aren't goodz
Would you call someone one time for $140 a month? ...
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I just fired my cell service provider without contingency.

AT&T adds roll-over data
If you are an AT&T mobile subscriber on a non-legacy shared data plan and on their current mobile value shared data plan, after the 25th of this month you will carry over any unused data (rounded up on the whole Mega Byte) to the next month. This is a trend that has been set by TMO. Unlike TMO, who will ...
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AT&T adds roll-over data