The Apple Developer agreement is like any other legal-type agreement for acceptable use. The agreement states that because the individual will have access to pre-release code that is considered Apple confidential, the individual will not release information to the public about the product.

Apple bans developer, removes app from AppStore

Like most mobile tech enthusiasts, my thoughts are on what will transpire at the Apple Media Event this morning. Since wearables are a hot topic in mobile, and the wrist worn list of devices is either anorexic or described with monikers like 'The Terrible Wearable', I'm very curious if Apple will be able to pull off Watch not being a flopper. I was honored that Apple has reserved the best seat in the house for me...

Apple Spring Forward, 5 ways the Watch will fail and ...

ason Yeaman: RF is a funny animal. As a student of the propagation both practical and philosophical, that is a hard question to answer. There are a lot of assumptions about RF…the electro magnetic kind. About longer and short frequencies and attenuation, quarter wave lengths, whether or not metals reflect […]

Does Wi-Fi require line of sight?