Subscription ads in the Apple News App

Ads for paid subscriptions to news sources in Apple News

Ads for subscriptions in Apple news screen shot
Nope…not even for 1000 free months…

Are you experiencing this?

I’m not sure how long Apple has been doing this. I was reading Apple News last night and didn’t seem to come across any paid ads by sources hocking their content using a free month of access as bait.

This morning in the ‘For You’ section I came across numerous ads from different sources like LA Times, NYT and various other crass media outlets, trying to get in my pocket:



History Magazine

History magazine

I have never even heard of History Magazine…but I went to public school.

Focus Magazine

Focus magazine

Perhaps I got this one because of my severe ADD.


People magazibe

I barely like real people, so paying to read about them is highly unlikely.

Then Poof…they were gone

When I turned the device in landscape mode to grab a horizontal screenshot…I couldn’t find anymore ads. Back to portrait: similar no joy…they were gone.

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