a photo of people on a roller coaster

Spider: Lagoon, Farmington Utah | 360 Video

360 video on a 360 roller coaster.

You haven’t seen anything like this for a minute I’m sure. I went to Lagoon this weekend with my awesome daughter, and brought my Theta S 360 camera with us. The ride showcased in this entry is called, “Spider”. It’s a roller coaster with a twist…literally. The car spins 360 degrees while advancing on the track.

Here is what Lagoon says about their ride:

The first of its kind in North America, this spinning coaster takes riders to a new extreme. Four passengers load into the coaster car — two facing forward and two facing back. The car remains in this locked position as it descends the initial drop. As the car ascends the second hill, it unlocks, allowing free horizontal spin — up to 20 rotations per minute!

So what would be better than a 360 camera capturing 360 video on a 360 roller coaster?

Not much. So check this out:

On Mobile:

Mobile devices would be best to experience this on my Face Book page:

a photo of people on a roller coaster



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