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G. Keenan Schneider

The guy who wrote the best product review I have ever read.


I’ve got them. I love them. Simple, effective and useful. No hype. Work as advertised. I’m enthusiastic enough to demo them and explain why they are a solid delivery from Apple. I’ve done this at Best Buy, Maverick and of course at the office. In-person demonstrations are easy and rewarding, because you get to see how people react and they always say thanks. The next best way is through a video product review for obvious reasons, followed by still portrait visuals accompanied with descriptive text.

I have never experienced a quality product review that contained only text. In fact, if I don’t see an image or a video in the top 33% of a document, I’m going else where.

This is different



To summarize: since they’re small, light, and stylish, they’re extremely easy to wearPods; they can be barePods or hidden under layerPods. I simply pop them in and go about my day.

Out of all the options available to me, they’re easily my preferred pairPods. Whether I’m vacuuming, walking the dog, or cooking dinner, it’s easy for me to dance around like Fred AstairePods.

I haven’t had any issues dropping them, but I know others have. They are compact and a little slippery, so I’d definitely recommend you handle with carePods. If they do somehow end up on the floor, be careful where you step, because they’re quite difficult to repairPods. I’d hate for you to break them, as I know that’d cause me a great deal of despairPods.

Furthermore, it’s great to have the option of watching the Apple TV without disturbing anyone. I can sit alone, late at night, and watch House of Cards. They’re fantastic Frank and ClairePods. This is great, because the last thing I’d want is to be on the receiving end of my wife’s glarePods.

All things considered, I don’t even think about my Bose headphones anymore. They don’t even comparePods. There’s just something so magical, so enticing about these things, a product like this is incredibly rarePods.

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To be accurate, he does include a few images…of the Twitter. Tap on the image below to be entertained.

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He obviously doesn’t like tic-tac-toe


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