So what about 360 for the rest of us? | Start-ups take heed

What if I don’t have $200 for a 360 camera?


And what if my App-shot 360’s suck?

Here is where you decide: Are you a man or a maven? Are you a pitchman, or simply an advocate?

We can wait for the technology to come to fruition, or we can fertilize the ground upon which the technology can be sown and then reaped.

Out on Kickstarter there a project (of which I have zero affiliation with outside of backing it with $80) that looks interesting. They have built a motorized mount upon which you saddle your device and it then provides the bearing and elevation needed to cap a photosphere. I’m not sure about anything behind it, but it looks promising.

All I know is:

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What start-ups can learn


I paid with Apple Pay web. Take note start-ups.  A iOS user and his money are easily separated for the right balance of vaporware and convenience.

The tech

It claims to be appified with Bluetooth controls. This is their 3rd kick start. I am cardboard doesn’t move me with the first 2 VR projects, but motorizing  the construction of a photosphere for those who do not want to pony up for a 360 camera might hold some promise.

$80 gets me early access to a prototype so standby for that review.

In the mean time visit:


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