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Hey Siri…

The disc of Siri

A few months ago, I ran into a video on YouTube where a comparison between Siri and Google assistant was performed. It was a great comparison. And it showed that Cupertino’s artificial intelligence wasn’t necessarily up to par and contextual arguments fell short when contrasted to Google assistant.

It would seem that Apple has taken this hint and pushed the Siri AI forward as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

The screen cap of Siri contrasting contextual arguments
Contextual arguments in the context of Low Power Mode.


It is simple but important.  When giving the command, “Low Powe Mode”,  The AI responds with the state that low power mode is in, and gives the user advice. The user could then say, “Enable Low Power Mode”, but that would be too easy. In the context of Low Power Mode the user states, “Turn it on.”, and the AI complies correctly because the AI understands what, “it”, is.

Nice job Cupertino. You get an A for the day.

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