Simultaneous Multi-Window multitasking with persistive backgrounding and self documenting


What is the real operational benefit?


I mean the real life operation…seriously?


I put together a demonstration of the multitasking capabilities of the iPhone 6.

The real capabilities. With real multitasking and not that Android system task kill process backgrounding under a low memory condition.

All the applications can easily be seen running, and their result.

Here are a few shots of the setup, but I have a video in production as I write this update that will show it in execution.

Till then Ill leave you with this…


No one is going to run GarageBand while watching a Maps Fly-over, conducting an internet speed test and a GeekBench benchmark while needing a stopwatch to keep the time.

But it is good to know that a 1GB system memory device can if it needed to.

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