Shark bait paddling in the drink

Alphabet Screwed


You know, it’s great that Larry Page and Sergy Brin didn’t have to spend any time in the United States Navy.

Caw caw Google
Image By Jim coda

The biggest blue falcon ever committed in United States history happened yesterday, Monday August 10th, 2015. Mark this date.

In the Navy, every sailor is a qualified firefighter. And there’s a reason for that. That’s because whenever your ship is on fire there’s nowhere to run. If your ship burns, and you can’t put out the fire…you end up paddling in the drink. And that’s exactly what 700 million android users are doing…paddling in the drink.

It would be great if your ship was on fire, and You and your XO, could just appoint some other knucklehead captain, while you jumped on an aircraft carrier to continue taking moonshots, sipping on coffee and eating croissants. Because that’s exactly what Page and Brin did.

In the middle of a burning android debacle, they decided to do a restructure instead of fixing their issues. And while everybody else is hip-hip-huzzah for the new Google CEO,  or writing about how much money the @alphabet Twitter account is going to make, the real people who matter…the Android mobile user…ends up as shark bait.

Good job Google…Caw….caw!

Rack him!

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