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‘Science’ proves that email is stressing you out

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Is email stressing you out?

Business Insider had me scratching my miniature sized head tonight. Claiming that ‘Science’ says I’m stressed out because of email.

Their story included  quote from a Pro-Fess’r from one of them fancy learn’n schools:

On average, people check their email about 77 times per day.

-Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Irvine


Perhaps I am an anomaly. The badge on the featured image is the actual number of unread emails in my mailbox:

I went to public school, so maybe all of their ‘Science’ can’t be used against me. However, if you are STRESSED about email and you are the average person checking your mail every 6.2337 minutes,  perhaps you can try these techniques:

  1. Don’t check it. I don’t. Works for me.
  2. Rely on audible notifications.
  3. Use your mobile device to (not) read mail.
  4. Gamify it: See how long you can not read mail
  5. Make use of the VIP box and be selective of who you designate a VIP.
  6. Finally, tackle the STRESSED part of being stressed.


Do the exact opposite by applying the palindrome of STRESSED to your life:

When you feel stressed, go have desserts. Since desserts is plural, have more than one.

It’s ‘scientifically’ proven that I love desserts, and I don’t stress about email, and therefore:

Desserts remove stress. On average Jason Yeaman eats 3 desserts each day. He would recommend a Moon-Pie, some Tropical Heat Hot Tamales, and a Coke Zero.

-Jason Yeaman, Went to Public School


Source: Science proves that email is stressing you out

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