Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Oppo Find 7 have 118 pre installed apps

  According to the Shanghai Daily Report, the Chinese equivalent to the Consumer Protection Agency is suing both Samsung and Oppo for preloading a bum-load of applications the consumer didn’t want, wasn’t expecting and couldn’t remove. A total of 118 between them, at 47 and 71 respectively.

These are both android phablets, and it’s nothing of a surprising to anyone in the U.S. because not only do Samsung and others OEM’s do this, but Verizon, AT&T and other carriers do it as well. We all feel their pain as we cannot remove them without root access to the device either.

Samsung was reported to have some new S-Things to try out on their Chinese users. A new User Experience monitor called S-UX, the 2nd version of their 2PersonalID much like Apple ID called S2-PID.

I understand a hardware/software OEM needs to make a profit. I’m not sure which marketing genius decides to base their Employers reputation on attempting force people to use apps they can’t remove. I currently have 8 Verizon application on a Galaxy S3 that I have never even executed.

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Source: China is suing Samsung over “bloatware” after finding 47 pre-installed apps