Redmond likes it cozy with Android Partners


Last week, they were chasing tail with Xiaomi. Now they are courting McMaster over at CyanogenMod. A one eyebrow salute to the guys who invented the Tech Sector mafia-style business strategy. I’m sure Ballmer and Gates had an, “Isn’t that so cute !” moment when discussing Google extorting Yelp and Travelocity customer data with threats of blacklisting them from Search completely if they didn’t comply with the data use rights. I’m sure they had a chuckle discussing this as well:


i told you it wasnt about free and open
Crickets from netneutrality superheros FCC


While it isn’t relevant to this story, I am absolutely and thoroughly confused about why these documents aren’t being used by the NutcakeNutravesty department of Internet freedom at the FCC for:

  • Promoting their own content
  • Locking out competition
  • Stealing from the competition
  • Threatening the competition
  • Monopolistic business practice
  • Not being cognizant of the fact that they are lucky the Government is in control and not some Italian with a towel decorated baseball bat

Back to your regularly scheduled program

I remember when I used to dislike Microsoft. I’m still uninterested in any of their distributions outside of the Xbox business unit, but I will declare this now: Android with Cyanogen at the helm with a M$ bankroll fueled by a bit of Scroogled marketing  would be just what the doctor ordered for creating an environment where a forked Android version could be a viable competitor to Googiligans bastardized version of Android. Microsoft can’t beat Android, Nokia can’t either. But there wouldn’t be a problem with CyAndroid beating Android as long as there were some:


  1. Cloud service to replace the Google CDN and make the PlayStore a non-issue
  2. Productivity software like Office that doesn’t cost or have a subscription…like Office. When trying to convert people who use ‘Free’ software because it’s free but just happens to also be the best for Android at the moment, sacrifices must be made. The software component is the 2nd most important factor for success. It also has a difficulty rating of: “Srsly?”
  3. An already stood-up and funded Development community that can focus on production first, and sales or funding while important, would be temporarily managed by a Rich uncle, especially if that Rich Uncle really wants to piss-off Google and get paid for it by helping make the switch from Android to Android as painless as it sounds, and do this despite the fact that Android is also kicking their ass.
  4. Support by a larger hardware OEM than MicroMax, and is here in the USA, or China. They could piece-meal conversions with ROM replacements and enjoy a slow blood letting, but that allows Google some reaction time. Getting serious before Google takes McMaster serious is an obvious force multiplier.
  5. A Cyanogen Phone, (That is not called CyPhone) They need to have a Cyanogen exclusive Hardware platform that is ground-up designed, engineered and built for an exclusive Cyanogen designed Android-Build that reciprocates the same intent. It would be a first for Android. It’s the reason iOS is a spectacular operating system, and competing with Apple for hardware and software dollars in this market is…somewhat non-existent, and Google doesn’t care about even trying hard.

As of late, McMaster has brought his vision of a Googiligan free Android to folks like Twitter, Qualcomm, Trifonica and the Evil FoxNews Network owner Rupert Murdoch. For his efforts,  he has amassed 80 million love notes from financial backers for his upcoming challenge to pistols at 5 paces with Schmidt…or perhaps Page. Brin doesn’t like loud noises so it wouldn’t be him…anyway, 80 million isn’t enough to guarantee a successful departure from the current distribution, but that’s just gauntlet cash. I can see Redmond powering Android with Bing mobile, pre installing 360 on CYANDroidOS powered handsets.

Things would be a bit more put together with an organic hardware component, I’m not so sure a Lumia partnership would be the best way to go about that, but I’ll bet my iPad against your MiPad that Xiaomi might be willing, as we have seen their cooperation with Microsoft on a Win10 conversion option in the new Mi4 spin. But what would be in it for Little Rice? They don’t have an issue copying or stealing the tech they can’t develop or buy. That’s just function of culture, nothing nefarious about Xiaomi I’m sure.

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