Quora weekly wrap up.

Interesting week over at the Quora. Got lots to report, but first…lets see some stats:

Here are last weeks:

And here are this weeks:

I really love this platform. Why? because you can be a cynical smart ass, still provide the knowledge and get funded for more crazy ways to disrupt the community (in a good way)

Here is my warchest:

quora credits

Last week, some incredibly fascinating things happened. Some former Samsung employees chimed in on a rather controversial question. I reached out to all 3 of them and all three agreed to be interviewed for an upcoming story on some insider feels. It will be a video interview, out in a couple of weeks.

My revenue audit available on iCloud if you are interested in granularity like that. It’s the funniest part of this project, and it shows where the gasification rewards pay off vs. the quality of the answers.

I’ll delve into community disruption with credits later as well. Im pressed for time and I’ll make sure I provide less documentation more frequently rather than tying to sum up the week.

It was a little more of a hostile week. Mostly because of my increased exposure into Department of Defense, Politics and relationships. I won’t get sucked into the political minutia. Its an answer providing platform and I won’t use it for debate expending brain cells trying to prove that people are ideologically different.

I received my first insult from a language and writing scholar.


I dont pretend to be a great writer, speller or even have a command of anything learned in a school. I went to public school.  I knew I would be getting elitist snobbery from intellectuals who will play it safe in their SME bubble. The psychology that is apparent in how those who:

  1. Believe they are subject matter experts in anything as self qualified.
  2. Feel compelled to propagate that self qualification as if it were perhaps a favorable peer reviewed belief
  3. (I assume) get an emotional reward from this behavior when they also qualify it to be successful
  4. Begin to actually play the role of a SME or scholar in their subject.


Observing their actions and reactions in a causal environment is what is really interesting. Changing a wrong answer, deleting a lost argument, so this elevator effectiveness can be maintained and the community is allowed to see what they are presented and not what is actually authentic.


That’s where I got a little too caring. I felt a little pitty (very little) because I have family members who practice this exact same behavior. I’m sure I have done this as well.


I have never understood people who are embarrassed of being wrong, have a fear of operating full steam to failure, and living life based on what people think. But it gets implicated when you attempt to create, not a facade…but perhaps what could be implied because of what is hidden. While I do take exception to what people say, I could care less what people think. I get things wrong all the time. I have failed. When I do, I document my capabilities and limitations. Failure is the only evolution that can show you exactly what you can accomplish, and what you are incapable of doing without making some changes.


Failure is the only objective assessment you will get in life. People will praise you, encourage you, dare you and even try to make you think you aren’t able to do many things in life. But the only one qualified to provide you with an unbiased evaluation is failure.

Remember that.

When you are wrong, admit it, Apologize and issue a correction. If you are shown a perspective that somehow logically nullifies your way of thinking to the point where  you must change your point of view in order to maintain intellectual honesty, you should be appreciative of that. I would thank that person for teaching me something. not deleting record of it. I most certainly would not continue to operate my life without change for the opinion of the mob. I see this here and in other places in my life.

Sadly this is what happens.


Being introspective in the shadow of the intellectual dishonesty, the apathy you feel toward that person and embarrassment you feel when you realize how invasive your current vantage is while simultaneously understanding that they don’t know they are being observed is….the paradox of enlightenment.


What do I mean by that? You get to see someones true colors and the behavior of their real spirit, at the same time that person doesn’t even care to be honest with themselves. And you are going to benefit from that right? There isn’t anything wrong with learning a lesson from someones failure is there? Someone has surely capitalized off of yours at one point or another.


Is it ok to do this? Hell yes. Any opportunity you can use to make character decisions based on your observations of others moral relativity should be seized and utilized. If you were an awesome person, you would tell that person what you observed and what it taught you and how you are grateful for that, knowing that another choice would have to be made because of it.

Not me. Im just here for the casualty.

"Hey mom! I need some boob juice!"
“Hey mom! I need some boob juice!”

Most informative analysis:

If you ever wondered why Apple is so successful, so cash rich and a solid bet for quarter over quarter of slow climbing revenue…let that end here. I have been analyzing  Apple for a long time and they clearly manage business the way real wars…like between countries…are won: Supply.

beans, bullets and bread.
beans, bullets and bread.

Providing a solution for an individual:

This guy wanted to know how he could move some photos from his PC directly into the camera roll for editing. Video of how to do this was generated.

Here is where it gets petty. The negative information campaigns that have no merit other than to serve the an anonymous unknown agenda. Here is how it went:



A kid claims his iPhone 6 plus is blue screened. I informed him that iOS doesn’t have a provision for blue screen modes of contingent operation (kernel panic for example)

So, I politely ask this anonymous gentleman to please take a photo of the issue and post it. Obviously I was fishing so see what I would get.

He came through:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.52.04 PM

So I told him to install IPCU and I was going to help him get this issue resolved with a console inspection:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.53.41 PM


While I’m waiting for him to get back to me, of course I’m going to validate the image exif…of which there was none and the cropping for the image and the model of the device was suspect from the get go.

So I used my google foo;

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 9.06.59 PM


Can you believe this shit? He was going to run me though some fake exercise where Im helping some guy fix his not-broken fake iPhone 6 (not plus) and he didn’t have the vision to maybe pick an image 10-20 pages down where a cursory check wouldn’t have yielded result.

Every community has it’s cancer. I get this guy though. Disrupt the flow of knowledge, waste peoples time, coke and joke about it, and do it anonymously and get information disseminated about iPhone issues (im sure he hates them and this was his initial reason).

But the reason I’m disappointed, is that he did it half assed. He didn’t even try hard or perhaps didn’t have the vision to at least consider the risk in the next step in the process.

I called him out and he reported that and is now of course claiming the victim. But what he doesn’t realize is every edit is recorded. Every change is lined out but kept:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.04.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.05.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.05.17 PM


This week was the best one yet. I’s sure it will get better once a little more about how people see themselves and how they want to be seen when they keep the company of other people who think they have all the answers.

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