Andy Ruben holding something

Quickly! Grasp at the next iPhone killer! Where? In that pile of straw!

I love iPhone Killas…

From BGR:

At the time, Rubin did not reveal any other details about the Essential phone, except for what you could see in the image. He suggested the handset will feature an all-screen design, complete with almost non-existent bezels. That’s hardly surprising, considering what we’ve seen so far this year in terms of new smartphone designs.

Well there you you have it. The science, as they say, is settled. Andy Ruben, the baby-daddy of Android has created the, ‘next iPhone killer’.

You can tell from the image:

Andy Ruben holding something

The Tweet


That’s what he said.

On a serious note, bezeless handsets are beautiful. But if I lined up every tech-journalist appointed iPhone Killer end to end and started at the White House…the line would stop at the Kremlin.



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