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I signed up for Google’s Fi Project a few months ago, and was accepted last week. If they are finally getting to me, it’s a good bet that you have either signed up or declined. I finally got around to signing up today and wanted to share my experience with you.
First, let me confirm, that the data plans are indeed good. 1GB of data for $10 scaling to $80. The cool thing about Fi is if you do choose to go with a higher capacity data plan and use less, you will get credit back for the same amount you paid: $10 per 1GB.
Not too shabby.

Sign up

Google said they sent me an invite last week, and I didn’t respond. Checking my email on vacation today, they sent me a reminder and warned me of my insolence. They also said that any future similar behavior, would not be tolerated.
I nervously nodded my head, and using my iPad, I quickly proceeded to the sign up page, via the link they sent me…

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