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Site Privacy Policy


Privacy, in the context that is described in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights is observed, enforced and valued here.

Privacy is important to me. If your privacy is important to you, then it is also important to me. That’s why you will get full disclosure and transparency on datapoints collected at imthemobile.guru.

Data Collection

A broad spectrum of data points becomes available to this site depending on a few dynamic elements. Plug-ins, web based data services like analytics and webmaster tools. Metrics like your IP address, network services provider, location (Country, City), device display size (we cater to mobile users), operating system, browser type and version, your past visits to this website, which pages and links you hit, how long on a page…the list really does go on.

But there is no personal data ‘collection’, because we don’t save and archive data (except your behavior when consuming content here and your comments to the forum/Disqus community.)

That means, unless you are designated a legitimate threat or display behavior that is suspicious, your privacy will remain paramount.

Privacy and Threat mitigation

However, if you are here for malicious purposes, data mining or for reasons other than content consumption, curiosity or collaboration and interaction with the community that is aligned with acceptable use, be advised that I will authorize the release of any or all data that is common to you for the purposes of:

  1. denial of access
  2. investigation of illegal activity
  3. blacklisting (at my discretion) which holds weight across 20+ Data centers world wide, and domain decision makers (like myself) can choose to blacklist
    1. media access control identifier
    2. Domain
    3. ISP
    4. Single IP address
    5. A range of addresses
    6. Your service provider
    7. A regional area of users or
    8. Your entire country of origin.

When blacklisted, respecting your privacy is no longer a priority, but remains important in the context of personal data and targeted marketing. The site operator will do what is needed within the scope of justice to prosecute your unlawful behavior, but you won’t get spam, adware, adverts or popX that utilizes data you leave behind on this web server.

Jail, fines or ending up in hell for crimes committed by criminals is fitting enough  punishment. We do not condone the inhumane treatment of unwanted advertising and targeted-marketing by the digital thuggery attempting to turn an invaluable tool for information dissemination into a sales-pitch billboard. You may burn in hell or spend time incarcerated with someone who refers to you as ‘honey’, but at least you don’t get deluged with crass marketing messages created from user data generated here.

Data Sharing

Outside the scope of a legitimate investigation by a LEA possessing a warrant for specific singular field data (requests/demands for arbitrary full-scale data dumps will not  be granted/complied with) that correctly identifies a specific user and his/her illegal activity, there is no private user-data sharing with anyone. Nor is there any personal data cataloged, trended and stored (outside of forum/Disqus comments you choose to make and content you decide to share). We don't target market members of the community, visitors or anyone for any reason.

What we use the data for

Identification and authentication to gain access to the website. Site Traffic analysis, Threat analysis and resolution. Establish a clear understanding of reach and non-advertising related engagement. Anonymous statistics and analytics.

Data that shows trends on more popular articles is used and appreciated so that I can create and deliver content that includes topics you like the most.

What we don’t do

We don’t pimp our community members personal datapoints for any reason. We do not collaborate with other domains in an attempt to combine collected data that belongs to you (or someone thought to be you)  in order to build a more complete data set that can be used to connect all of your user names, handles or nyms in order to make sure our advertisers (we don’t use them) don’t hurt themselves trying to figure out if they just happen to have target-marketed you in the past.

The above is a common occurrence (unfortunately) when it comes to business models that rely on revenue generated by advertising campaigns based on your history, but will never happen here.

How we will be doing it (soon)

In the not-too-distant future, imthemobile.guru will shift-colors to meet the cost demand of operation with a strategy for revenue generation based on Sponsorship. Just like this policy, you will know everything about this sites sponsors, and those sponsors will be represented in a way that is overly transparent.

Sponsored data presentations:

  • Will always be labeled as such. I.e. “Sponsored Content”
  • Incorporate designs using our ‘mobile first‘ philosophy, with UX (user experience) on point.
  • WIll never be designed to mimic any component of mobile.guru
  • Will never cover, block or otherwise obscure content that is created for your consumption
  • Will not be deployed with mechanisms to elevate engagement.
  • Are designed by the same sociopath that creates all of the content, is responsible for the operation and maintainence of the server and the database and is responsible for the design of the site. Operators will contextually introduce Sponsored content IAW with the sponsor-site operator agreement that  will never compromise the above as they are  non-negotiable

Tools and Methods

To ensure your privacy and safety expectations are met while maintaining the exceptional performance you expect when  visiting imthemobile.guru, I deploy vetted (by me) 3rd Party infrastructure, organic processes and industry standard practices for Internet/network safety, privacy and security. These include but are not  limited to:

  • A Reverse Proxy DNS in addition to and located (in multiple data centers across the globe) separately from the organic web server and database.
  • Association with network security professionals that provides advisories of threats
  • 128-bit encrypted connections, with an SSL certification from a legitimate Certificate Authority
  • Strict Transport Security of HTTP. (EFF Guidelines for security)
  • Site Administrator access requires 2-step authentication using hardware based cryptographic keys
  • FULL SSL encryption using open networking protocols using SPDY
  • IP Firewall allowing a policy that ranges from adding time recurring challenges to blocking an entire country.
  • Web Aplication firewall
  • Browser integrity interrogation
  • Utilization of a Content Delivery Network
  • IP Geolocation
  • Real-time User Experience monitor and we service monitor
  • Content protection, abuse tracking and email obfuscation for profile scrapers
  • imthemobile.guru Search Engine deletes search request data after 7 days
  • Specific monitoring tools organic to the web server


 Examples of what and why

The following are authentic examples of what we capture, how we use it and why we do it.










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