Paper pen and taxes

Predatory TAX marketing will come to fear my mobility powers

Predatory Tax Marketing

Gavel with tax forms

It’s Tax time.

Pay your taxes. It’s the law and it is the right thing to do. I’m sure everyone has an opinion about the IRS. Irrespective of your opinion, they do help make sure that things get funded. Important things…like defense…and defense.

But this isn’t about the IRS. This is about douchy people who send you mailers labeled ‘FINAL NOTICE’  and try to get you take a high interest loan to settle an assumed, ‘tax debt’ that might look like it is from the IRS, but in the fine print they lawfully disclaim they aren’t. Much like the ‘Screens Simulated’ disclaimers on hokey Android commercials, these businesses attempt to lure you into something that you might not even need.

I am sure there are credible businesses in this space, but the knuckle-heads in the below video are not one of them.

Predatory tax marketing



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