Pangu comes to Cupertino,


Pangu is now available for Mac, and confirmed to deploy with stability.

The UI has an integrated tool for securing your exploit, or you can use mobile terminal found in Cydia.


Preparing a handset for the first time to accept the library of application you have purchased requires registration just like a new handset does when you use your Apple ID for a first purchase on a new device with an existing account.


Once credentials are out of the way, your library is ready to access.IMG_0610.PNG

As longs as you complete the requirements to change the root and mobile passwords from the stock ‘alpine’, you now have a security advantage other iPhone users.


Here are a few of my go-to jailbreak applications referenced in the above image:

Bridge allows you to place audio and video files directly into the music application. Useful for downloading music binaries and keeping them where your other music is organized. It has a UI to creates album art, so you can maintain the visual congruency of the app in the artist section.

Screen Recorder is a screen recorder, useful for creating tutorials and demonstrations of anything on the display, it features outstanding frame rates and hardware acceleration compatibility.

iFile grants unfettered access to the system directory, the operations tools for deleting, creating and moving files, and a wide range of built in functionality for viewing files and documents from within the app.

If you have an interest in your iDevice reaching its potential, or have aspirations for it to provide functionality that our friends in Cupertino will allow, you might consider investigating the jailbreak community. Developers. Much of the functionality that iPhone delivers was ‘borrowed’ from the work of a developer in this community..


The iOS jailbreak community carries an undeserved ‘less than ethical’ reputation. Mostly due ignorance and rumor coupled by a few misinformation campaigns waged by Jobs himself. From unethical hacking to software piracy, and application development that many would label….’a problem waiting to happen’ . L

While a few bad actors exist in every segment of society, the broad majority of IOS users who utilize Cydia, do so as legitimate customers. It offers security, choice, account verification and an opportunity to users to use it as a hub for software repositories of their own.

Many are content with their iPhone or iPad right out of the box . Others demand a little more functionality for their investment.

Which ever of those you are, it’s great to know that there is another community that drives the quality and the lifecycle of the iPhone. A thriving micro economy based on ideas that fall outside of the boundaries of acceptability which are set by Cuoertino.

That means the indi-Dev who can’t continue developing his skill in an environment constrained by policy, can thrive in one that is only bound by the actual limitations of the technology.

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